Illusion Knitting


This page is a little hommage to Steve Plummer and Pat Ashforth and their page:

These two mathematicians present many interesting projects on their page and one of them was to make illusion knitting popular. Steve has created many wonderful designs and apart from his own illusions he has given hints how to realize knitting illusion designs. Visit their page and you will find plenty of projects!

I’m new to this topic but with some friends, we tried to create illusion knitting patterns, too. Cause my main topic is patchwork you will see that this will be part of most of my knitting designs, too. For example I’d like to turn typical Amish inspired quilt patterns into knitting illusions. These patterns are perfect for beginners but you can also put them together to a knitted “quilt”.

It’s an easy technique and when you are familiar with it, maybe you like to try a mystery? I love getting surprised and so I will offer some patterns you don’t know what you are knitting until it is finished.

I hope, you will like it. It’s a lot of fun to see how your knitting work is growing! :-)

Besides the diagram, my instructions include numbers for each row, too. So the pdf-files consists of many pages. Because I don’t always have perfect light when I knit in a train or a waiting room for me, this is my favourite methode. If you don’t need the numbers, you can also print out just the last page to go for it.

As an example to see how my patterns will look like you will find the instructions for the little tulip above in English and German language in my Ravelry-Shop.

Happy knitting, Ula Lenz